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This icon contest revolves around the pairing of Charlie and Claire from ABC's show, LOST. Every week a new challenge with specific rules will be posted. New Challenges will be posted every Sunday, and you will have untill Friday to submit your entries. You will have all weekend to vote, and the winner will be announced on Sunday (1st, 2nd & 3rd place + Mod's Choice).
1) You can submit up to four entries per challenge.
2) You can always blend the images given for one icon.
3) Anything else goes too. Text, brushes, textures, yes, even animations.
4) However, all submissions must meet LJ icon standards, meaning a size of 100x100 or less and 40kb or under.
5) You can vote even if you haven't submitted an icon for the challenge. You don't even have to be a member for that. (But please join anyways.)
6) Don't vote for your own icons. Do you really want to win knowing it might just be because of your own vote? Also, don't ask friends to vote for you either.
7) Don't direct link to any of the icons created for this challenge or use icons uncredited. Be nice, ask the creator for permission on the original challenge thread once the winners for the respective challenge are announced.
All votes are screened.
When voting, list your top 3 favorites (in no specific order).
DO NOT vote for yourself. The winners will recieve banners.
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